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List of Joe Jackson Typescript Copies of Interviews and Articles. *

*Please note that all articles and books and playscripts and radio scripts post 1990 are digital files. Only the articles from the first decade, until 2000, has been printed out. They are digital files.


Climate of Hunter Review

Leonard Cohen interview

Alan Bleasdale Interview

Ricky Nelson Obituary



Bunny Carr Interview

Paul Mercier Interview

Studs Review

Sinatra Analysis

Kitty Kelly interview

Dory Previn interview

Essential Elvis Review

Charlie Hodge interview



Honor Heffernan review

Mary Coughlan review

Redefining the Arts

Leslie Dowdall interview

Roddy Doyle interview

Act interview

Warner Brothers Records

Co-Motion Theatre Group

Boy George interview

Pat Benatar review

Stage column (1)

Todd Slaughter interview

Tina Turner Review

Hope and Glory review

Bee Gees review

Chris De Burgh review

Richard Harris interview

Eartha Kitt interview

PJ Proby interview

Paul Durcan interview (1)

Charlie Hodge interview



Gabriel Byrne interview

Lovely Previn interview

Mary Mooney interview

Mickey Rourke interview

Will Downing interview

Teresa (Dublin prostitute)

Mary Black interview

Leonard Cohen interview (2)

Danny Morrison interview

Melissa Etheridge interview

Liam O Reilly interview

Ben Briscoe interview

Ken McGinnis interview

Gays in Dublin

Deirdre O’ Connell interview

Bibi Baskin interview

Chris De Burgh interview

Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra interview



Cliff Richard interview

Sandie Shaw interview

Anthony Clare interview

Michael Keating interview

Tom Jones interview

Frank Sinatra (Irish Times profile)

Sinatra at Landsdowne Road

Mickey Rourke Review

Louis Stewart interview

Phoebe Snow review

Tom Jones at the Point

Bob Dylan at the Point

Johnny Logan interview

Colm Wilkinson interview

Robert Cray interview

Charlie McCreevy interview

Henry Mountcharles interview

Graceland 1989

Dion interview

Roger Garland interview

Pamela Des Barres interview

David Marshall interview

Neil Diamond Press Conference

Mitch Mitchell interview

Ken Russell interview

Sam Phillips interview (1)

Bob Geldof interview (1)

Barbara Orbison interview (1}



Willie Russell interview

Marianne Faithful (1)

Tanita Tikarim interview

Brian Kennedy interview (1)

Mary Coughlan interview (1)

Tomas Mapfumo interview

Barry Sinclair interview

Honeyboy Edwards interview

kd Lang interview (1)

Heart interview

Neil Blaney interview

Robert E Parker interview

The Highwaymen review

Chris Mullen interview

Hazel O Connor interview

Charlton Heston interview

Clint Black review

Cher Profile

Ivan Yates interview

DJ Fontana interview

Tom Stoltenberg interview

Richard Harris interview (2)

The Field review

The Beach Boys interview

Frank McGuinness interview (1)

Don Baker interview

Nashville 1990

Finbar Furey interview (1)

Moya Brennan interview (1)

Maura O’Connell interview (1)

Donal McCann interview

Scott Walker analysis

Paul Durcan interview (2)

Monica Frawley interview

Kenneth Branagh interview

JP Donleavy interview

Donovan interview

Gordon Stoker interview

Joe Costello interview

Paul Brady interview (1)

Pat Rabbitte interview

An Emotional Fish interview

Tammy Wynette profile

Tom Murphy interview (1)

Ruari O’ Braidhaigh interview

John Boorman interview

Neil Jordan interview (1)

Johnny Cash interview (1)

Sarah Merrigan interview

Tom Jones (2)

The Brothers

Kathy Bates interview

Harry Connick Jnr interview (1)

Michelle Shocked interview

Paul Simon profile

Rod Stewart profile

Irish Music

Edmund White interview

Ahmet Ertegun interview

Mary Black interview (2)

Christy Moore interview (1)

Raymond Deane interview

Paul McCartney interview

Alan Parker interview

Sinatra profile

John McGahern interview

La Toya Jackson interview

Julia Fordham interview

Van Morrison profile

Neil Sedaka interview (1)

Davy Spillane interview



Fionnuala Flannagan interview (1)

Garth Brooks interview (1)

Dillie Keane interview

Philip King interview

Dead Elvis review

Frankie Valli interview

Oliver Stone interview

Anthony Summers interview

Fiona Pith Ketley

Tori Amos (1)

Sharon Shannon interview

Gavin Friday interview (1)

Marilyn French interview

Shay Healy interview

Sam Giancana interview

Altan interview (1)

Honor Heffernan and Johanne Jackson interviews

Buffy Sainte Marie interview

Glen Campbell interview

Pops Staples interview

Honor Heffernan interview

Jack Harte interview

Hugh Leonard interview

Moya Brennan (2)

Greil Marcus interview



Mary Coughlan interview (2)

Something Happens interview

Elvis box set review

Merchant Ivory interview

Neil Diamond interview (2)

Neil Sedaka interview (2)

Black Velvet Band interview

Brendan Ryan interview

Pearse Brosnan interview

Enya interview

Loreena McKevitt interview

The Road to Thurles

Terence Davis interview

Cathal Coughlan interview

Nashville Cats

Shay Healy’s Nashville

Colonel Parker profile

Rory Gallagher interview

Garth Brooks interview (2)

Andy White interview (1)

Joe Ely interview

Liam Aylward interview

The Elvis Business

Rita Connelly interview

Emmylou Harris interview

Rob Strong interview

Into Paradise interview

Edna O Brien interview

Brian Dennehy interview

Dwight Yoakam interview (1)

Crosby, Stills and Nash

Finbar Furey (2)

Michael O’ Suilleabhain interview

Brian Farrell interview

The Sawdoctors (1)

Glen Campbell (2)

Neil Jordan profile

Emily O Reilly interview

Robert Cray (2)

Chris Rea (1)

Suzanne Rattigan (2)

John Prine interview (1)

Pascal Mooney interview

Tom Jones interview (3)

Trisha Yearwood

Sultans of Ping interview

Sinead O Connor profile

Bill Whelan interview

Randy Travis interview

Terry Keane interview

Elvis Costello Profile

Gays in Rock

Penguin History of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Paul McGuinness interview


Sam Phillips interview (2)

Joan Burton interview

Hazel O Connor interview

Fleetwood Mac interview

Elvis Costello interview

Paddy Moloney interview (1)

Johnny Cash

Kris Kristofferson

Dylan/Morrison Profile

Trevor Sergeant interview

Nanci Griffith interview (1)

Zrazy (1)

Stephen Rae interview

The Chieftains interview

Frank Zappa interview

Hothouse Flowers

Roisin Shortall interview

Christie Hennessy

Dr Bwanjee interview

Daniel Lanois interview

Cliff Richard interview (2)

Marxman interview

Mary Chapin Carpenter interview (1)

Liz McManus interview

Anthony Hopkins interview

Gary Hynes interview (1)

Philip King interview

Lucinda Williams interview

Gerry Adams interview (2)

Neil Sedaka profile

Aztec Camera interview

Vince Gill interview

Bon Jovi interview

Mick Jagger profile

Bono interview

Joan Baez interview

An Emotional Fish interview

Nik Cohn interview

Tony Bennett interview (2)

Ray Charles interview

Michael D Higgins interview

Deborah Allen interview

Loudon Wainwright 111 interview

Stano interview

Ricky Skaggs interview

Nick Kelly interview

Eleanor McEvoy interview (1)

Aron Neville interview

Mary Black interview (2)

Bill Miller interview

Garth Brooks interview (2)

Curt Smith interview

Lloyd Cole interview

Sex in Rock

Jimmy Webb interview (2)

Elvis’s 60’s Box Set review

Naomi Campbell interview

Damon Albarn interview

Lulu interview

George Martin interview

Shara Nelson interview

Ali Hewson interview

Gilbert O Sullivan interview (1)

Paula Yates interview

Jim Sheridan interview

Michelle Wright interview

Boy George interview (2)

Andrew Strong interview

Branson report

Andy Williams interview (1)

Jim Webb (2)

Christy Moore profile

Billy Ray Cyrus interview

Holly Johnson interview

Sean Hughes interview

Steve Wall interview

Mick Hanley interview (1)

Frank Zappa obituary

Engine Alley interview

Richard Harris interview (3)

Dolores O Riordan interview (1)

Ricky Van Shelton interview

Nilsson obituary

Tori Amos review

Tori Amos interview (2)

The Band interview

Heitor interview

Apache Indian interview

Inspiral Carpets interview

Aimee Mann interview



Zara Darlington interview

Francis Black interview (1)

Tony McMahon interview

Garth Brooks interview (3)

Nick Cave interview

Bono interview (2)

Jim Mitchell interview

Orla Guerin interview

Andy White interview (1)

Eurovision Song Contest

Boyzone interview (1)

Luke Haines interview

Olive Braiden interview

Stina interview

Chieftains profile

Alison Moyet interview

Bobby Molloy interview

Luka Bloom interview (1)

Hal Ketchum interview

Dwight Yoakam interview (2)

Bonnie Raitt interview

Galliano interview

Future Sound of London interview

Jackson Browne interview

Sounds of Blackness interview

Green Party interviews

Emmylou Harris interview (2)

Suzanne Ventura interview

BB King interview

Donal O’ Kelly interview

Yothu Yindi interview

Chet Atkins interview

Shawn Colvin interview

Primal Scream interview

Hal Ketchum interview (2)

Randy Travis interview

Shelby Lynne

Reg Empy interview

Lisa Marie Presley article

Peter Robinson interview

Chet Atkins interview (2)

Goats Don’t Shave interview

Harry Connick Jnr interview (2)

Sheila Chandra interview

Claire Duignan interview

TP McKenna interview

Shawn Colvin interview

Lyle Lovett interview

John Banville interview (1)

BP Fallon interview

Ian Paisley Jnr interview

John Gormley interview

David Grey

Beatles book review

Dermot Morgan interview

John Waters interview

Pierce Turner interview

Brad Roberts interview

Conor Cruise O’ Brien interview

Jimmy McCarthy interview

Brian Kennedy interview (2)

Mark Kennedy interview

Randy Newman interview

Nick Lowe interview

Tony Bennett interview (2)

Robbie Robertson interview

Boyzone story

Anuna interview

Far Canals interview

David Ervine interview

Kiaren Kennedy interview

House of Pain interview

Four Men and a Dog interview

Kristen Hersh interview

Midem article

Bill Whelan interview



Brendan O Carroll interview (1)

Eamon Gilmore interview

Jim Kerr interview

Martin O Connor interview

Liz O’ Donnell interview

Patrick Cassidy

Jim McDaid interview

Francis Black interview (2)

The Mavericks interview

Revelino interview

Paul Brady interview (1)

Alan Amsby interview

Dana interview (1)

Dermot Aherne interview

Scott Walker interview

East 17 interview

Eurovision Song Contest/Ronan Keating interview

Beatles review

Mat Hatter

Harvest Ministers interview

Chris Isaac interview

Martin Hayes interview

Fionnuala Sherry interview

Rory Gallagher obituary

Tilt review

The Chieftains interview

Jerry Lee Lewis interview

James Brown interview

Bjork  interview

Rodney Crowell interview

Eleanor Shanley interview

Nick Hornby interview

Gavin Friday interview (2)

Mildred Fox interview

Jerry Garcia obituary

Ecstasy article

The Devlins interview

Brendan Bowyer interview

Boo Radleys interview

Whipping Boy interview

John Prine interview

Steve Collins interview

Ciaran Benson interview

Celluloid Jukebox review

Tindersticks interview

Christy Moore profile

D:Ream interview

Elvis 70’s Box set review

Joe Eliot interview

James Elroy interview

Casey/McGlynn interview

Pulp interview

Leonard Cohen interview

Alan Shatter interview

Liam Og O’ Flynn interview

Marianne Faithful interview (2)

Morrissey interview

Dennis Hopper interview

Dr. Miller interview

The Frames interview

The Corrs interview

Native American Music

Tori Amos (3)


Louise Bagshawe interview

Luggage interview

Supermodels book review

Melissa Etheridge interview (2)

Eamon Dunphy interview

Fergus O’ Farrell interview

Father Brian D’Arcy interview

Dar Williams interview

You’ll Never Make Love… review

Noel Gallagher interview

Donal Lunney interview

Alanis Morissette interview


Michael Flatley interview

Neil Hannon interview (1)

Mark Knopfler interview (1)

Jack L interview

Goldie interview

Lara Harte interview

Bill Graham obituary

M People interview

Damon Albarn interview (2)

Passion Machine in Poland

Bon Jovi interview

Willie Nelson interview

Joan Osbourne interview

Burt Bacharach interview

Grant Lee Buffalo interview

Buddy Guy interview

Kris Kristofferson interview (2)

Eddie Reader interview (1)

Cowboy Junkies interview (1)

Alisha’s Attic interview (1)

Eleanor McEvoy (2)

Walter Becker interview

Bjork interview (2)

Dodgy interview

Terry George interview

Jim Sheridan interview

Brian Kennedy interview (2)

Gerry Adams (2)

A-House interview

Andy O Mahoney interview

The Cardigans interview

Dina Carroll interview

Metallica interview

Shelbourne Hotel

Barry McGuigan interview (1)

Sheryl Crow interview

Joe Eliot interview (2)

Kiss interview

Christy Moore (3)

Frank Sinatra obituary



Agnes Bernelle (2)

Sinatra script for Gay Byrne

James McNally interview

Neil Hannon (2)

Colonel Tom Parker profile

Us 3 interview

Declan Sinnott interview

Mary Coughlan interview (3)

Candace Bushnell interview

Wet Wet Wet interview

Nanci Griffith interview (2)

Pat Boone interview (1)

Louis Walsh interview (2)

Kathryn Harrison interview

Liza Stansfield interview

Brigid Boden interview

Ronan Keating interview (3)

Naomi Wolfe interview

Patrick Cassidy interview (2)

Declan Sinnott interview (2)

Katel Keinig interview

Erica Jong interview

Helen Mirren interview

Ronnie Wood interview

Prodigy interview

The Vards interview

Jean Butler interview

Fionnuala Sherry interview (2)

Elvis’s Women

Sharlene Spiteri interview

Tamarin interview

Jewel interview

Dana interview (2)

Mary McAleese interview

Adi Roche interview

Daniel Lanois interview

Mo Mowlam interview (1)

Fintan O’ Toole interview (1)

Edwina Currie interview

Hollywood and Sex

The Corrs interview (2)

Sinead O Connor interview (1)

The Boxer review

The Years Go Pop

Joe Higgins interview



Natasha Waters interview

Mark Edzel interview

The Chieftains (2)

All Saints interview

Cian O Tiernaigh interview

Ursula Burns interview

Shania Twain interview (2)

Siobhan McGowan interview

Therapy interview (2)

Tammy Wynette obituary

Liam O Maonlai interview

Ronan Keating (4)

Sinead Lohan interview

Des’ree interview

Trisha Yearwood interview (2)

Conor McPherson interview

Nanci Griffith interview (3)

Imogen Heap interview

Richie Buckley interview

Ocean Colour Scene interview

Jeannette Byrne interview

Harry Crosby interview

Ian Dempsey interview

Dr Miller interview

Bobby Darin analysis

Mavericks interview (2)

Fergus Finley interview

Michael Harding interview

Bing Crosby profile



Patrick Keilty interview

Dylan/Joni at Madison Square Garden review

Women in Pop

Joni Mitchell interview

Gillian Welch interview

Peter Sheridan interview

Alison Hood interview

Paul Weller interview (1)

Mary Chapin Carpenter interview

The Chieftains interview (4)

The Sawdoctors interview  (1)

Dickie Rock interview

Tony Bennett interview (2)

Nina Simone interview

Brian Crowley interview

Paul Brady interview (2)

Patrick Mason interview

Mary Kenny interview



Dara interview

Randy Newman interview (2)

John Costigan interview

Harry Connick Jnr interview (2)

Tony Joe White interview (1)

Joni Mitchell (2)

Elvis: The interview

The Chieftains interview (5)

Christy Moore interview (4)

Andy White interview  (2)

David Gray interview (2)

Mike Murphy interview

Patrick McCabe interview

Tony Bennett  (3)

Paul Weller interview (2)

Phil Coulter interview (2)

Dermot Hanrahan interview

John Ryan interview

Andrew Lloyd Webber interview

Anthony Clare interview (2)

Paula Yates interview

Brendan O’ Carroll interview (2)

Samantha Mumba interview

Charlotte Bradley interview

John Banville interview (2)

Eamon Dunphy interview (2)

Kevin Myers interview

Paddy Woodworth interview

Linda Gail Lewis interview

Tyne Daly interview

Rebecca Storm interview

Francis Rossi interview

Peter Mark interview

Gerry Kelly interview

Beatles profile

Andy Williams interview

Louis Walsh interview

Ronan Keating interview (5)

Elvis profile

Sinead O’ Connor interview



Beckett profile

Patrick Cassidy interview (3)

Leiber and Stoller interview

Richard Harris interview (4)

Gilbert O Sullivan interview (2)

Willie O’ Dea interview

Neil Hannon interview (2)

Brendan O Carroll interview (3)

Keith Duffy interview (3)

Westlife interview

Wilbur Smith interview

Adam Orphen Lynch interview

Rosaleen Linahen interview

Brendan Bowyer interview (2)

Gerry Adams (4)

Paul Costello interview

Marie Lou O Donald interview

Robbie Fox interview

Richard Harris interview (4)

Ann Bushnell interview

Pat Kenny interview

Tori Amos (3)

Michael O Suilleabhain

Samantha Mumba (2)

Bob Geldof profile

Bob Geldof interview (2)

Conor McPherson (2)

Samantha Mumba (2)

The Cranberries (2)

Christy Moore (5)

Larry Hagman interview

Diana Krall interview (2)

Jimmy Savile interview

Antonia Leslie interview

The Rat Pack profile

Mark Durkan interview

Linda Martin interview (2)

Mary Black (4)

Brian Wilson interview

Dana interview (3)

Luka Bloom interview (2)


Chieftains review

Madeleine Seiler interview

Louis Walsh interview (5)

Ronan Collins and Paddy Cole interviews

David Norris interview

Michael Noonan interview

Elvis Costello interview (2)

Larry Gogan interview

Jaki Moore interview

The Monkees interview

Jonathan Guinness interview

Michael Scott interview

Claudia Carroll interview

Joe Duffy interview

Van Morrison profile

Pat Moylan interview

Ruari Quinn interview

Paddy Moloney interview (6)

Altan interview

Johnny Logan interview (2)

Mo Mowlam interview (2)

Lulu interview

Henry Mountcharles (2)

Neil Diamond interview (2)

Anita Reeves interview

Niall Stokes interview (2)

Mary McEvoy interview

Maureen Toal interview

Charlie Landsborough interview

Tony Bennett (3)

Michael Harding interview

Pat Shortt interview

Joe Eliot interview (2)

Mike Hogan interview

Nina Simone interview

Brian Friedman interview

Peter Sarstedt interview

Clinton Heylin interview

Richard Harris obituary

Brian Kennedy interview (3)

Louis Walsh interview (6)

Barry McGuigan interview (2)

Alan Stanford interview

Dave Fanning interview

Bernard Hill interview

Andrea Corr interview (3)

Paul Brady (3)

Stephen Brennan interview

Brendan Gleeson interview



Matt Cooper interview

Marianne Gunn O’ Connor interview

Joe Dowling interview

Garry Hynes interview (2)

Ingrid Cragie interview

Philip King interview (3)

Finbar Furey interview (3)

Johnny Cash obituary

Dolores Keane interview

Margaret Riordan interview

Maxi interview

Gemma Hayes interview

Gloria Hunniford interview

David Gray interview (2)

Catherine Donnelly interview

Reverend Kevin Dalton interview

Aisling O’ Sullivan interview

Liam De Frenze interview

Zrazy interview (2)

Joseph Shambala interview

Ronan Keating interview (6)

Jean Butler interview (2)

Anne Buckley interview

Johnny McEvoy interview

Robert Ballagh interview

Gerard McSorley interview

Liam Clancy interview

Liam O Manolai interview (2 )

Sam Phillips obituary

Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden interviews

Deirdre Purcell interview

Scott Walker Sleeve Notes

Richard Harris memorial

Rachel Sarah Murphey interview

Moya Brennan interview (3)

Jon Kenny interview

Sandy Kelly interview

Jim Sheridan interview (2)

Leslie Dowdall interview (2)

Marianne Pearl interview

Bernard Loughlan interview

Fintan O’ Toole interview (2)

Shay Healy interview (2)

Cliff Richard interview (3)

Suzannah De Wrixon interview


Orla Barry interview

Adrian Dunbar interview

Melanie Clarke Pullen interview

Drugs and Hollywood

Cillian Murphy interview

Juliet Turner interview

David Kitt interview

Irish Rock at 50

Kris Kristofferson interview (3)

Christine Dwyer Hickey interview

Lionel Richie interview

Michael Harding interview (2)

Emer McCourt interview

Christy Moore Interview (6)

Denyse Devlin interview

Eleanor McEvoy interview (3)

Dave Duffy interview

Honor Heffernan interview (3)

Neil Jordan interview (2)

Christy Dignam interview

Peter Cassals interview

Royston Brady interview

Jim Fitzpatrick interview

Kevin McAleer interview

Bill Hughes interview

Jeananne Crowley interview

Elvis: That’s All Right Mama

Eamon O Caithain interview

Simon Delaney interview

Tatiana Oulinisky interview

Damien Dempsey interview

Carrie Crowley interview

Fintan Vally interview

Joan Rivers interview

Bronagh Gallagher interview

Tommy Tiernan interview

Donny Osmond interview

Brian Keenan interview

Sarah Ferguson interview

Davina McCall interview

Jane Birkin interview

Amanda Brunker interview


Lorraine Pilkington interview

Ann Charlson interview

Mary Lawlor interview

Ciaran Brennan interview (4)

Michael Mortell interview

Caroline Sweetman interview

Bryan McFadden interview

Belinda Carlisle interview

Frank McNamara interview

Richard Lewis interview

David Shannon interview

Kathy Jordan interview

John Waters interview

Steve Earle and Alison Moorer

Cian O’ Connor interview

Sinead O’ Brien interview

Lucia Evans interview

Jan De Vries interview

Lorcan Roche interview

Paul Johnson interview

Gary Rhodes interview



Elvis in Hollywood

Michael Jackson obituary



A Song for My Mother



A Song for Susan 2010

The Joe Jackson Files: Richard Harris

The Joe Jackson Files: Eamon Dunphy

The Joe Jackson Files: A Song for My Father

The Joe Jackson Files: U2

The Joe Jackson Files: Tori Amos

The Joe Jackson Files: Gabriel Byrne

The Joe Jackson Files: Halcyon Days at Hot Press

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